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A holding penalty will give the Pats a new set of downs at the 31, and here goes Sony Michel! He bursts off the left edge and goes all the way to the This game is waking up a little, and I can't shake the feeling something incredibly stupid is going to happen. Watch this space. G off looks to the end zone for Cooks! Has to be!

For first time in 17 years, Jon Gruden won a game as head coach of Oakland Raiders

What a play from Jason McCourty, who comes from nowhere to hit Cooks and knock the ball out of his hands. A better throw and that's a touchdown but take nothing away from McCourty, that's a stunning play. Goff drops back on third-and-seven Hightower and Van Noy stream through the middle of the Rams' offensive line and Goff's eating turf. It'll set up a yard field goal attempt for Greg 'The Leg' Zuerlein where it would have been in the 40s.

Can he get it? Course he can. We're all square in Atlanta. G off throws on first down, which is a nice change, and will get about eight to Josh Reynolds up the sideline.

Intramural Flag Football Rules - Athletics and Recreation : University of Rochester

Is this the drive which sparks this came into life? Anderson barrels for the first down, and the ball is moving. Come on. This is it. I believe!

Jaci Rae: Winning Points with the Woman in Your Life

Here goes Goff again, and it's another first down! He hits Cooks down the left sideline for a nice gain. LA go back to Anderson now for a few, but Goff throws it away on second-and-seven, so he'll have another third-and-long.

Can he finally convert one? He can!

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Goff find Woods over the middle and we're rolling now, ladies and gents. S econd-and, and it's that Brady-Edelman connection again. Good for eight, so here comes a third-and-five. Tom looks long for Hogan and it's Hogan never looked like winning that battle. Punt time! I am losing my mind! I s anyone still awake out there?

Eric Rogers scores three touchdowns for Stampeders in 36-32 win over Lions

If I'm not allowed to sleep you aren't either, OK? We're all in this together. Anyway the Rams have gone three-and-out again and are punting for the eighth time. Jim Nantz is getting excited in the commentary box! Johnny Hekker has just blasted the longest punt in Super Bowl history, 65 yards! That might genuinely be the highlight of the game so far. You have to laugh or you'll cry. B rady tosses to Edelman again, on a screen this time, and that's eight more for the Pats receiver to set up third-and-two.

See a Problem?

The Pats punt right down to the Los Angeles five-yard line. Come on Jared Goff, time to join the party. J ohnny Hekker has seven punts today now - the most in any game this season, and more than Gurley has carries. Anyway here come the Pats with Michel. Burkhead adds a couple more - nice stop from Brockers there - so here's third-and-four.

Any guesses who Brady looks to here? Yep, it's Edelman, and he rips off the biggest play of the game so far! Her gets away from Marcus Peters and motors off for 27 yards. How are the Rams not double teaming him at this point? C hung's able to walk off the field of his own volition which is positive, we'll see if he comes back into the game later, but for now he's straight down the tunnel. Goff hands off to Gurley on second-and-five and gets nothing with a run up the right. Goff will pass on third, looking for Cooks, but Stephon Gilmore wins that battle comfortably.

Goff's on third down tonight now. F inally the Rams and Gurley get a decent run off. Number 30 jags through a big hole in the Patriots' line and will get 16 yards. That's more like it. Worry for New England here though because safety Patrick Chung is down injured.

It doesn't look great. W e're off! Let's start this half with a bang, please? J ulian Edelman has been the one shining light on offense for either team tonight. He's caught seven passes for 93 yards and is repeatedly getting wide open. Brady will doubtless keep looking to him in the second half. T hat's that for Adam Levine and his tank top. It was A similar quality to the football, if we're being brutally honest.

The 20 biggest touchdown vultures in fantasy football history

Pray to the football gods for a good second half, this night is in dire need of saving. H e took it off. He's topless now. Thanks for playing everyone. A dam Levine is wearing one. It is very tight. More as we get it.