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The exhortations of civil rights activists assumed a Christian moral consensus. Then for a variety of reasons — a necessary reckoning with white supremacism, a new and diverse wave of immigration, the pull of a more globalist ethos, the waning of institutional religion — that mid-century story stopped making as much sense.

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But meanwhile for a great many Americans the older narrative still feels like the real history. They still see themselves more as settlers than as immigrants, identifying with the Pilgrims and the Founders, with Lewis and Clark and Davy Crockett and Laura Ingalls Wilder. Instead liberalism, under pressure from the left, has become steadily more anxious about its political and cultural progenitors, with Woodrow Wilson joining Jackson and Jefferson in the dock.

Maybe no unifying story is really possible. CIRAD's operations centre on a certain number of values, which determine its choices and guide its approach. These values enable it to produce, transmit and evolve while respecting past achievements, the value of experience and the steadfastness of expertise.

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Who are we? Our strategy Societies in the global South are in the throes of demographic, socioeconomic, environmental, climate and sanitary changes, and need to address several major issues urgently and quickly if they are to steer their development along sustainable pathways.

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