Manual THE TESTIMONY OF CLEOPAS FROM EMMAUS: A Basic Study of Scripture Concerning Jesus

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They went to the tomb early this morning [23] but didn't find his body. They came and told us that they had seen a vision of angels, who said he was alive. There they found the Eleven and those with them, assembled together [34] and saying, "It is true! The Lord has risen and has appeared to Simon. Rather his account focuses on what eyewitnesses see. How they react. How they begin to grasp the momentous event that is indescribable. In this rather long passage, Luke narrates the story of a walk from Jerusalem to the nearby town of Emmaus, culminating in an appearance of Jesus himself.

Luke 24:13-35 : The Road to Emmaus

As you read and study this passage, look for what Jesus is seeking to drive home to his disciples, here represented by his two travelling companions. The location of Emmaus isn't clear. The name Emmaus may be derived from the Hebrew word hammat , "hot spring. At about English feet or meters per stadion , this makes the distance about seven miles. There are several possibilities:.

El-Quebibeh is seven miles northwest of Jerusalem, the site where Crusaders discovered a fort called Castellum Emmaus and built a church there. Archaeologists have found a First Century village on the site, though we don't have evidence that the name Emmaus was used of this site in the First Century, nor are any springs found here. Qaloniyeh Colonia was the site of a military colony of Vespasian which Josephus mentions as Ammaous.

It is about 4 miles west of Jerusalem. Amwas Nicopolos is about 19 miles stadia northwest of Jerusalem on the road to Joppa, famous for a spring with reputed healing qualities. Both Jerome and Eusebius accepted this site as the Luke's Emmaus. One ancient manuscript of the New Testament reads " stadia" instead of "60 stadia.

Whatever its location, Luke isn't retelling a myth but an actual historical encounter based in time and space. Fortunately, it isn't necessary for Twenty-First Century readers to know the exact location in order to understand the story. Of the two disciples, only one is named -- Cleopas -- perhaps, because he would have been well-known to Luke's readers.

The name Cleopas "renowned father" is a Greek name, though was probably used as an equivalent to the Semitic form "Clopas.

Cleopas and his fellow disciple are deeply engaged in a discussion Greek suzeteo when we come upon them:. Apparently they aren't walking too fast, because Jesus, travelling the same direction, overtakes them Greek eggizo , "draw near, approach" and then slows to walk along with them. At that, the two abruptly stop, "stand still" Greek histemi.

Their faces are "downcast. They must explain. Cleopas is surprised that the stranger hasn't heard about these things that have been going on in Jerusalem.

The Testimony of Cleopas from Emmaus by Curtis D. Klinger - Book - Read Online

Perhaps he is only a recent visitor to the city and is just passing through, Cleopas suggests. The disciples describe Jesus as a "prophet, powerful in word and deed" b. While we may realize that Jesus is much more than a prophet, in Jesus' day to be called a mighty prophet is high praise indeed.

Christ Appears on the Road to Emmaus

These disciples have expected Jesus to be "the one who was going to redeem Israel" a. The promised Davidic Messiah is widely anticipated to redeem Israel from her enemies and to set up the Kingdom of God afresh. The basic meaning is "to free by paying a ransom, redeem," but here it has the extended meaning "to liberate from an oppressive situation, set free, rescue, redeem. And, alas, this kind of redemption is impossible since Jesus is now dead.

The word "had hoped" NIV is the Greek verb elpizo , "to look forward to something, with the implication of confidence about something coming to pass, hope, hope for.

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Jesus had been crucified. They are downcast, but also confused. Part of the day's events include an account from the women about Jesus being alive. For the author, the emphasis is totally on John the Baptist as a witness to Jesus. No attention is given. Hultgren - Working We are given the name of one of the two on the road to Emmaus. His name is Cleopas , but he shows up nowhere else in the New The event is on a Sunday, and it involves the interpreting of Scripture, But before they can do that, they hear the testimony of the eleven who say that Jesus had been raised and had.

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Road to Emmaus appearance

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