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Humor is like a form of grim pessimism. You were often writing by yourself in Python.

I know you wrote with Cleese on the most recent tour the two of you did. Do you ever think about how the old sketches might have looked if you were paired up with the other Pythons? Occasionally, I did write with John. Kilimanjaro because he has double vision. We did have some good times. Graham and I tried but Graham would never say anything so it was hard to get him to start something. I imagine the special was pretty much what she did, right? I thought it was very brave, very bold and in your face, and ultimately divisive.

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She, for perfectly understandable reasons, excludes large sectors of her audience and is quite happy to do that. But not comfortable if you are a man. Why should it be? Is that true?

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We had a party the night before. We stayed up too late. We were having too much fun. Carrie Fisher had rented my house and she was staying there. We went to bed and they went to work. It turns out when they filmed the scene, they were still a little high.

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Do you see Terry Jones at all? It was a nice hotel with all the amenities one could ask for, especially for the price and central location. I was less than ten minutes inside the hotel and my glasses fell off my face in two pieces. Slap bang in the middle.

No warning. I cursed like the Big Fella himself had come down from behind the pearly gates and told me that my vocabulary was to contain only expletives for the rest of my days.

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While the rest of the Brussels excursion was mostly spent wearing prescription sunglasses, my week was due to get a lot worse. On Thursday, my penultimate day in the city of cheap waffles, we were drinking in a bar that I shall leave unnamed.

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Evidently, I was not as my bag, including my laptop, was stolen. It was my own fault for leaving my bag in an easy-to-take area, yet I was incredibly angry. This was the second time in my life I wish I had a stereotypically dry Irish friend nearby to once again let me know how much I need to get the auld cloigeann in check. Whilst I was distraught with the loss of pretty much everything I had with me, I struggled with what I should actually be thinking about at a time like this. Luckily, I was saved by an incredibly helpful, multilingual Hungarian living in Brussels who was also on her way to visit Ireland.

She allowed us to email her the ticket so now for a highly necessary shout out to Alexandra, you the real MVP. My time in Brussels was short in length, but it really felt like it took too long for it to come to an end. I realised that the city actually treated me quite well, having gained the realisation that what happened to me was due to my own stupidity or just bad luck. There is very little reason to dwell on bad experiences such as these, life goes on. I got to see more countries and cities in a single day than many would in a year.

Chan School of Public Health. Their team analyzed data from 70, women in the Nurses' Health Study who, in , had answered questions about how they viewed their futures. The researchers found that women who scored higher on the optimism scale were significantly less likely to die from several major causes of death over an eight-year period, compared with women who scored lower. Even if you consider yourself a pessimist, there's hope.

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Hagan notes that a few simple changes can help people become more optimistic. The following may help you see the world through rosier glasses:. Accentuate the positive.

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Keep a journal. In each entry, underline the good things that have happened and things you've enjoyed, and concentrate on them. Consider how they came about and what you can do to keep them coming. Eliminate the negative. If you find yourself ruminating on negative situations, do something to short-circuit that train of thought.