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With no attempt to sway the visitor one way or another, the museum encourages people to question, doubt, research, and learn on their own. Exhibits and information are not limited to the "Roswell Incident," and the museum also presents information about alleged abductions, crop circles, and the infamous Blue Book.

Tourists who want to get a unique sightseeing experience can take one of the many Roswell UFO tours led by various groups in the area, which typically visit notorious sites like Building 84 at the Roswell Army Air Field , the site that many believe once held the remains of the downed UFO and its occupants. Featuring exhibits on the history and art traditions of the American Southwest, the Roswell Museum and Art Center hosts a fine array of sculptures, artifacts, prints, painting, and photographs.

The museum is also home to interesting historical collections, including artifacts and exhibits that explore the history of the American West, as well as an extensive area dedicated to Dr. Robert Goddard's work on liquid-propelled rockets. The Planetarium presents star shows and multimedia programs, including UFO exhibitions and science programs for children. A state park located along the Pecos River about 15 miles southeast of Roswell, Bottomless Lakes is made up of a series of nine small and very deep lakes.

Carved from limestone by the river and aquifer, the lakes are actually ancient caves that have collapsed. Technically they are known as cenotes, and are fed by underwater seeps.

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The lakes are the perfect place for a swim and a picnic on a hot day. Other things to do in the park include fishing, boating, and bird-watching.

With more than pieces of art spread over nine galleries, the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art features the work of participants from the Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program, which began in The museum's collection is a diverse and eclectic one, featuring photographs, drawings, prints, paintings, and sculpture. It offers an excellent opportunity to see the evolution of contemporary art over the last 40 years. The General Douglas L. Collections include examples of firearms, uniforms, insignia, decorations, and other historic items, as well as exhibits that further explain relevant topics.

Roswell UFO Museum - New Mexico Tourism - Travel & Vacation Guide

This institution is located in the century-old home of Mr and Mrs James Phelps White, one of the most important families in the history of southwestern New Mexico. The house has been restored to its original condition and is a valuable insight into life on the southern prairies in days gone by. A new building, located right next door to the museum, hosts a priceless collection of historical archives, including 11, photographs.

Covering about 34 acres, the Spring River Park encompasses several habitats, a children's zoo, miniature train, antique wooden horse carousel, and a trail system that features native species. The Capitan Trail educates visitors about the Pecos River system, native wildlife, and the southern Great Plains ecosystem - including prairie dogs and burrowing owls.

The children's zoo has a variety of animals including lemurs, miniature horses, and pygmy goats, and the zoo's ranch area includes miniature horses and Texas Longhorn cattle, while South American llamas graze around the perimeter. The historical Society for Southeast New Mexico offers a free walking tour brochure that leads visitors past some of the city's most remarkable historic homes. Roswell is also home to some architecturally significant public buildings like the Gothic revival First Presbyterian Church. The Neoclassical Chaves County Courthouse on Main Street opened in and is known for its green tiled dome and tile floors, enormous entry doors, and decorative plasterwork.

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The New Mexico Military Institute is also an impressive site, designed in Military Gothic style with crenelated parapets and decorative brick designs. Located in a wing of the Roswell International Airport, the Walker Aviation Museum is fun to visit while waiting for a flight or heading to your hotel.

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The museum's exhibits focus on the role of Walker Air Force Base as an arm of the Strategic Air Command during the cold war between and while the base was active. Although small in size, the museum is packed with interesting artifacts and information. Collections include an extensive number of model military aircraft, a flight jacket, and an array of WWII-era firearms including Japanese rifles and bayonets, as well as German and Russian weapons.

Adorable Zoo - Spring River Park and Zoo

Stock up on some themed treats to set the vibe for the day. The exterior of ET Fresh Jerky is, I kid you not , decorated in a series of proooobably the coolest alien murals of all time. With about 28,,, different photo ops begging to be snapped, the sky is the limit with the caliber of photos you can bring home. But come on , this is a different story altogether!

In fact, so many people slap their favorite sticker on the iconic ET Highway sign that state officials count on swapping it out on the reg. Heed warning: the place is rarely open. Where else can you stand next to a three-story metal alien? Welcome to the ET Highway, lovies. You're in the thick of it now. Some of the most spectacularly gnarled Joshua trees pepper the landscape in this zone. I'm not sure if other life on this planet exists, but I do know that these Joshua trees will have you double taking for little green men the entire route.

And you know what? One of my most favorite things about Nevada is the way the landscape centers you, making you feel like such a small thread of a great big universe, yet at the same time sets you free. When exploring this particular straightaway, the sea of sagebrush endlessly rolls on and all the tectonic action looks pretty damned beautiful under those postcard-perfect thunderheads. Who knows the real story behind Area 51; the whole top-secret classification most definitely inspires curiosity.

Do I want to believe in all the scuttlebutt? That afternoon when we were pulled over, both of our fitness tracking devises went totally berserk. Could it have been the vibration of the bike? But maybe, just maybe , we were on the verge of being beamed up? Tally ho!

After one daylong jaunt on the ET Highway , I totally get it. Here, otherworldly enthusiasts have contributed photos of their sightings in far-reaching places like Canada and Peru.

Roswell, Your Travel Guide to the UFO Capital of the World!

Life-size aliens lurk around just about every corner and the walls are covered in "true-life" accounts of suspicious activity. Take a look, it's fascinating to see the variety of peeps who have walked over the threshold in this person town. Have you ever seen that movie Men in Black? You know, the part where crazy aliens look like regular people?

70 Years After Famed Crash at Roswell, the Truth Is Still Out There

Between other bikers, nearby military personnel, people with exotic accents from faraway places or the guy who lives up the street, the people in this place know how to spin a yarn.