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Jaramillo M. Khalid S. Influence of groundwater and wastewater irrigation on lead accumulation in soil and vegetables: Implications for health risk assessment and phytoremediation. Alobaidy A. Application of water quality index for assessment of Dokan lake ecosystem, Kurdistan region, Iraq. Water Resour.

Chromium as an Environmental Pollutant: Insights on Induced Plant Toxicity

Kalavrouziotis I. The reuse of Municipal Wastewater in soils. Nest J. Abaidoo R.

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Soil Biology and Agriculture in the Tropics. Springer; Berlin, Germany: Soil and crop contamination through wastewater irrigation and options for risk reduction in developing countries; pp. Irrigation in developing countries using wastewater. Murtaza G. Disposal and use of sewage on agricultural lands in Pakistan: A review. Scott C. Earthscan; London, UK: Wastewater irrigation and health: Challenges and outlook for mitigating risks in low-income countries; pp.

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Qadir M. The challenges of wastewater irrigation in developing countries. Mark Y. Safety assessment on microbial and heavy metal concentration in Clarias gariepinus African catfish cultured in treated wastewater pond in Kumasi, Ghana. Azimi A. ChemBioEng Rev. Shahid M. Higher Education Commssion; Islamabad, Pakistan: Yellow River. Muamar A. Effect of organic amendments on phytoavailability of nickel and growth of berseem Trifolium alexandrinum under nickel contaminated soil conditions.

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Mapanda F. The effect of long-term irrigation using wastewater on heavy metal contents of soils under vegetables in Harare, Zimbabwe. Mombo S. Management of human health risk in the context of kitchen gardens polluted by lead and cadmium near a lead recycling company. Soils Sediment. Arsenic level and risk assessment of groundwater in Vehari, Punjab Province, Pakistan. Exposure Health. Xiong T. Measurement of metal bioaccessibility in vegetables to improve human exposure assessments: Field study of soil—plant—atmosphere transfers in urban areas, South China.

Lead and cadmium phytoavailability and human bioaccessibility for vegetables exposed to soil or atmospheric pollution by process ultrafine particles. Mahmood A. Human health risk assessment of heavy metals via consumption of contaminated vegetables collected from different irrigation sources in Lahore, Pakistan. Hazards of heavy metal contamination. Dumat C. Arsenic accumulation and physiological attributes of spinach in the presence of amendments: An implication to reduce health risk.

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Mechanisms underlying behavioral toxicology: Neurotransmitters and hormones

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A study of the permissible toxicant level in agricultural utilization of sludge. Villalobos G. Municipal Wastewater in Agriculture.

Program for the reuse of wastewater in Mexico; pp.