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But more importantly, Tom is part of a valuable demographic! The advertisers will be pleased. Alright, so now that we have some users, how can we market alcohol to them without breaking any laws? People would probably be mad if we market to people under 21, so let's check for that:.

Notice that the Maybe type forces us to pattern match on the users age.

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It is actually impossible to write code where you forget that users may not have an age. Elm makes sure of it!

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Now we can advertise alcohol confident that we are not influencing minors directly! Only their older peers.


This Maybe type is quite useful, but there are limits. Beginners are particularly prone to getting excited about Maybe and using it everywhere, even though a custom type would be more appropriate. For example, say we have an exercise app where we compete against our friends. You might be tempted to model it like this:.

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All the information is there, but you are not really modeling the way your particular application works. It would be much more precise to model it like this instead:.

This new model is capturing much more about your application. There are only two real situations. Either you have just the name, or you have the name and a bunch of information. In your view code, you just think about whether you are showing a Less or More view of the friend. Point is, if you find yourself using Maybe everywhere, it is worth examining your type and type alias definitions to see if you can find a more precise representation. This often leads to a lot of nice refactors in your update and view code! I call it my billion-dollar mistake.

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