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In the midst of this maelstrom came a strange and determinedly anachronistic new novel by William Goldman. Had the election been close there, a maelstrom of litigation would have made us pine for hanging chads and Katherine Harris. Into this maelstrom of sorrow and rage stepped Rahul Gandhi.

It was not obvious to her; he had put her into a maelstrom of puzzles, but she did not tell him so.

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The officiating priests, however, remained unconvinced, and threw themselves without reserve into the maelstrom of revolution. No whirlpool, not Maelstrom itself, could fright them as those four men. He will carry on his struggle in the maelstrom of a large city, possibly Chicago. Yet there were charming people, both men and women, caught protesting in the maelstrom. English—is one of the most incredible, flavorfully-complex melting pots of linguistic ingredients from other countries.

These linguistic ingredients are called loanwords that have been borrowed and incorporated into English. The loanwords are oftentimes so common now, the foreign flavor has been completely lost.

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The popular fascination once inspired by voracious, whirling funnels of sea water has been supplanted in recent times by fascination with black holes, whose cosmic appetites are far grander than those of mere oceanic whirlpools. Moreover, it is known today that neither Norway's maelstrom nor any other oceanic eddy ever creates a whirling funnel of the kind imagined by Verne and many earlier writers. But although the menace of Norway's maelstrom was greatly exaggerated by such writers as Verne, Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Melville and others, the Moskstraumen, as the maelstrom is called in Norwegian, is real.

Over many centuries it has claimed countless lives among the hapless mariners who ventured into it at dangerous times in the tidal cycle. Now Norwegian scientists have developed the first comprehensive mathematical model of currents and sea levels within the Norwegian maelstrom.

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The authors of the report, Dr. Bjorn Gjevik and two of his students in mathematics at the University of Oslo, Halvard Moe and Atle Ommundsen, concluded that although there is no funnel-like whirlpool within the maelstrom, the dangers posed by currents and winds in the region are formidable. Their research is reported in the current issue of the journal Nature. The word maelstrom, a synonym in English for a tumult, literal or figurative, is believed to be derived from the Dutch word ''malen,'' to grind.

An ancient legend has it that a pair of magical millstones were once dropped into the sea off the coast of Norway and that their eternal grinding of sea salt produces the lethal eddies of the maelstrom. In fact, Dr.

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Gjevik said in an interview, ''we found in our numerical simulation that in parts of the maelstrom during certain times in the tidal cycle, the speed of currents can reach up to 12 knots,'' or about 14 statute miles an hour. Gjevik said, ''is you get strong current-wave interaction.

When the waves kicked up by the wind are opposite to the direction of the current, you get very steep and choppy waves, and breaking waves. The horrifying conic eddy or funnel described by Poe in his short story ''A Descent into the Maelstrom'' could never exist, he said. In any case, 19th-century writers like Poe based their factual errors on old accounts handed down from the Vikings and their kin.

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Gjevik said. Many have died there, and I have heard of several accidents myself, although I don't think there are records of the overall death toll. Fortunately, the maelstrom has little effect on large vessels, partly because they avoid it -- the main route for coastal shipping lies well to the west of the evil Lofoten currents.

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The maelstrom's main victims are fishermen in small boats, Dr. Gjevik, who is an antiquarian scholar and amateur sailor as well as a professional mathematician, began developing the modeling tools he used for his maelstrom simulation more than a decade ago after oil was discovered in the Norwegian part of the North Sea.

Oil companies needed exact information about the possibility that oil platforms could encounter destructive currents of the kind found in the maelstrom.