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I strongly encourage anyone considering buying them to do so. You will not be disappointed. I'm constantly getting comments from people about how they like my shoes. This never happens with any of the other shoes I own.

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They are light and comfortable and you don't have to lace them up. These shoes fit perfectly! I will buy it again. Fit as expected These are so comfortable! They fit just as expected. They slip right on, and almost have the feeling of water shoes. I wear them on the way to the gym.

They are light weight, and are great for slipping on around the house. I hate wearing shoes and these are perfect for me. I walked 6 miles in them and my feet aren't hurting it doesn't feel like there is any support so I was pleasantly surprised. I am getting them in every color. These meet and exceed expectations so far. If they hold up, I would say they are well worth the price. I find them quite comfortable. These shoes are great for outdoor water sports really comfortable and the fit is perfect.

So far so good. Very comfortable, very light shoes. Great quality as expected. I must say awesome sports shoes at a reasonable price. Great shoes! They are so comfortable and already feel worn in. Right off the bat my feet felt great and still do. They are a good daily running shoe in my opinion. I bought these for a trip to Kauai.

I wore them constantly for 3 weeks hiking, golfing, kayaking, ATVing, snorkeling, surfing- you name it!

If the Shoe Fits, Go Barefoot (Unabridged)

These shoes were endlessly comfortable, durable and never felt water logged or slushy. I was able to keep my feet cool in water during activities which helped with overheating. Walking on terrain was easy with the tread and being lightweight there is no fatigue. Easy to clean, great to have! They live in my trunk no for all outdoor activities! Not really sturdy as I expected, and they were larger than they should be, but they're okay for occasionally wearing around the pool.

As with all of my shoes, I immediately removed the insole. At first I thought this might make the shoes too roomy, but it was just right. They are very wide in the toes and super flexible. I have work them on a couple of short runs and they seem great so far. I don't expect them to hold up to a lot of hard miles, but they're cheap enough to buy again.

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These shoes are better than I expected them to be. I like the fit, and they offer a true "barefoot" experience. Yes, I feel the ground through them, but that is exactly what I expected! I have owned quite a few zero-drop and barefoot shoes, and these are at least as good as some of the expensive ones I have owned. I'm not sure how long they will hold up, but for the price, I will happily replace them with another pair of these! One bungee broke, but they are still useable. They are comfy and flexible. My first barefoot shoes so I have no idea of they fit properly or not, is there supposed to be wiggle room like normal shoes or should my toes be touching the ends?

No Shoes For 2 Years - BAREFOOT RESULTS

They're fine, but I wouldn't try wearing them anywhere dry or as hiking shoes unless you're hiking up a stream bed the entire time. They are not very breathable, and your feet will get real hot if the shoe isn't wet. For kayaking in the summer I'd actually probably take them off while paddling because of this, too. But when it's a bit cooler out they'd be good. Amazing for price. Entry level barefoot shoe that is still like new after daily walking for a month. I have flat feet and nothing worked. My shins always hurt when walking. After a 2 week transition period my shins stopped hurting. I think it has helped because it forces the muscles in my arch to get stronger and stabilize.

Which has helped everything else.

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  6. I don't know if the combination of numbers insoles and barefoot shoes was an accident or if it's a thing people do already Try it. It's cheap, plus the insoles were cheap. Maybe it can help you too.


    They are wide so you only have to worry about length of foot in sizing, not width. I hate Shoes!! I'm a naturalist and I love the feeling of freedom I have wearing no shoes. I cant wait to get another pair. I love how these shoes allow your feet to breath. I also have an old runner's injury and my foot swells pretty much anytime I walk on it. I usually have to wear my shoe as a slipper just to get thru the day.

    Not with these!! My foot can swell and I'm not in pain. Super traction, breezy, comfortable too. And they look great! These shoes are what I was looking for. Great for the price.

    Keen A86 TR Trail

    They are slightly too big but again, for the price they are keepers. True to size and fits like a glove - they look great and materials are quality. Nothing negative to mention. Just took a train half-way across the country and I choose these to wear onboard, -- and they were a great choice. Just ordered a second pair. I usually go barefoot around the house as it is more gentle on my joints and spine than wearing any type of heel. These shoes are the next best thing. Wearing them is as comfortable as being barefoot, but with a whole lot more traction and protection from the elements.

    I purchased two pair and will likely purchase additional pairs in the future. I believe they will be perfect for walking on the treadmill also. I love these shoes! I have started dance-walking cross between dance and power-walking at the gym at work. The floors are really slick and my Rykas slide around. Very relevant information for living a full life.

    Kudos to the author, she did a great job making self-help applicable to daily living. Jan 13, Katherine Chap rated it it was amazing. All I can say is wow!

    click Great book!! Fresh perspective for a new year--new life. Who is the author? The book should be a best seller. It is honest and thought provoking. I found it on Amazon. The description caught my attention, but I didn't expect to be so taken by the book. A must read!