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5 Ways To Improve Your Average Speed On A Triathlon Bike - Cycle Faster!

Today's Top Stories. These Are the Top 10 Fitness Trends for Meet Princess Leia, L.

5 Training Mistakes Most Triathletes Make

Klaus Vedfelt Getty Images. This cycling training plan covers everything from cornering to cadence, while introducing you to riding in different intensity zones. The workouts below are effective but easy enough for any level of rider to understand. Related Story. Colin McSherry. Bike Your Butt Off!

I was tired by the time I went into the transition area for the final time. My feet had gone to sleep on the pedals and I couldn't feel them as I started to run. I drank some water and ate a few mouthfuls of my own half-peeled banana I had learnt from the experts. My quads and calves ached, more than I expected.

Swim, cycle, run - done!

In training, the slightest discomfort is usually my cue to stop. I ran out of the building, past my cheering family, and just kept plodding along in the beating sun, wishing that every step was my last. The groups had thinned out so there was no longer a competitive atmosphere and all adrenaline and energy was sapped. Even when I reached the last m and I could hear my family shouting at me, I was so fed up that I didn't pick up my pace until I rounded the final bend with just 50m left to go. As soon as I crossed the finish-line, I stopped dead. It was delicious to stop moving and I felt completely high.

But somehow, a week later, I feel something of a fraud. I don't feel like I am fit enough to have completed a triathlon. My training was a lot more sporadic than I intended - yet it seems to have been adequate. I didn't feel nauseous or faint after the race - which left me with a slightly guilty feeling that I didn't try hard enough. People in my group finished an hour after me, suggesting that triathlon is not just a sport for the superfit.

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The organisers see the event as a worthy alternative to the London Marathon the Olympic distance course saw cyclists riding along Embankment and up to Westminster and triathlon is growing hugely in popularity - 45 per cent of London Triathlon entrants are first-timers. There is a range of race distances and training for three disciplines can be lot more pleasurable than the endless slogging required for a marathon. Competitors came in all shapes and sizes and used a wide variety of equipment, from state-of -the-art gadgetry to rusty old cycle.

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The one thing the triathlon lacks is a sense of silliness - I only saw one costume all weekend. A half-peeled banana, funnily enough, tottering towards the finish-line. As for next year's race, I wouldn't like to commit myself either way at the moment. But I must confess that I have visited the website of September's South Coast triathlon, and they still have race places available All my training paid off - I finished first in my group and recorded my best ever time of two hours, 12 mins and two secs. I ended up second in my age group, so I am pleased. The swim is my weakest discipline but I managed to stick behind a strong swimmer, who set a good pace, so I came within the first 25 per cent into transistion.

I still got kicked in the head though and constantly clashed with other swimmers. It was a psychical event! Towards the end of the bike ride I had passed almost everyone in my group and I only had the clock to race against. The run was challenging because there wasn't a lot of water on the course and it was such a hot day, but I still managed to run it as nearly as fast as I do in training when I just do the 10k.


I suspect the course may have been a little short. I am hoping to take about six minutes off my time, so my 20 hours of training a week will continue. There seems to be a fascination with minimal Ironman training recently. I am consistently baffled at the hours many age group triathletes claim to put in. There is a limit to what a body can absorb and, beyond a certain point especially for busy people , there are diminishing or even detrimental returns on time-invested.

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In light of these considerations, I recently executed a training block for Ironman Louisville where my goal was to maximize my performance by training approximately 10 hours per week—a time investment that I feel comfortable with and which allows me to live a balanced life. I should preface by emphasizing that this approach is not necessarily ideal for all athletes and that I might have gone faster on a bit more volume--but it does demonstrate that a well-structured, low-volume can lead to good results. Bike indoors and bike hard: The majority of your high-intensity work zone 4 and above should occur on the bike rather than the run with the ultimate goal of raising your threshold power.

There is no reason to pedal easy. Throw in the occasional VO2 workout 6x4min, 15x1 min etc. You can make exceptional gains with 4 rides per week. With this approach, I comfortably went on a hilly Louisville course. Fortunately, the IM swim is a tiny part of the race and the potential time loss from a mediocre vs great swim is fairly small.

Swim, cycle, run - done! - Telegraph

I averaged less than 2 hours of swimming each week and typically swam times a week. When swims are infrequent, you can't afford to do easy recovery swims. Closer to the race, I made sure to get in longer swims of 4, yards for confidence and to ensure the endurance was there. I do not mean to demean the importance of the swim, but it is important to remember that the delta between your best possible performance i.