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Le Grand Est dans la démarche d'aménagement du territoire

France is a semi-presidential republic, based on the Constitution of An ongoing reform will change the administrative division and division of powers, like going from 22 to 13 Regions. Planning as a Regulated Profession in France. Professional Title: The common professional name is "Urbaniste". Every six years, there is an analysis of its application to see if it must be changed.


That is why the Communal Map still exist, it defines the mode of application of the general planning rules. It has to face the needs and the development of the population, respecting the principle of sustainable development. This document must provide a thrifty use of the space, and avoid chaotic urban sprawl through urban densification. It enshrines the right of access to environmental information held by public authorities, and to participate to all the decision impacting the environment.

Elles permettent de ne jamais interrompre sa promenade. Il s'agit alors d'organiser le logement de la population et les infrastructures de transport.

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Enfin, un dernier moyen d'action serait la politique contractuelle. Bibliographie Ahern, J.

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