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Irish : chief.


Biadh an t-Sion- was formerly It , eaten as a salad, and considered frequently on the West Coast and telepliium calf, child. Scotch a delicacy. Gaelic fawn : orp from the plant laogh Lus nan laogh young a fawn, or young deer, a term of endearment for a Welsh: telefin from Latin, lelephium.

French, orpui. Gaelic and wall-pepper. Gunn, , the calf or s , , ;: , 37 — House-leek. Sempervirum tectomm Gaelic with cream, is garden wort tinneas na used as a remedy for ear-ache oirp ; sometimes , lunacy — gealaich, Teinne Eagla Threl moon. Gaelic wall-pennywort. Manx lus-yn-imleig navel: , wort. Gaelic: cloch-bhriseach Armstrong , stone-breaker — on account of supposed medical virtue for that Saxifraga its Welsh disease. Gaelic and Irish nibran which means many, a large number probably referring to its : — many S. Gaelic: saxifrage. It The lovely 5.

Hedgra helix — from p edenno, Gaelic: eidheann, that which holds on written also to fasten Macbain Ivy. Every tree in the wood, But the tree ivy and bird cherry. Irish: Faighleadh, that which takes hold possession. An gath, a spear, a dart.

Gaelic Names of Plants: Scottish, Irish and Manx by John Cameron (1900)

Gaelic corn. Comns from Latin: cornu a horn. French : , : durable as horn. Irish: lus-a-chraois, plant of gluttony craos, gluttony, appetite. Hydrocotyle vulgaris — Marsh peighimi, the pennywort. Time enough for the sheep to eat pennywort when it comes to her. This plant wen white , is said to be injurious to sheep. Eryngium maritimmn— Sea-holly.

Iragha, sea-shore holly. Manx: Welsh: y mar hollyn hraie, sea-shore holly. Sanicula europsea — Wood sanicle.

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Irish caogtna. Latin: Venus, her herbs, to cure either Mars inflicteth dust yr arth, Names regula, to rule. Gaelic minmheur Shaw smooth or small fingered, or branched, in reference to its foliage mongach mheur, and muinmheur viong and tnuing a mane, from Minbharr soft topped or its smooth, glossy, pinnatifid leaves.

Thus judgment springeth up Welsh measg chaich Ri iteodha angaradh. The little hemlock is sister to the big hemlock.

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  5. The Gaelic names of plants (Scottish, Irish and Manx).
  6. Latin : acuta. Smyrnium olusatrum —Alexanders. From its — on blackness, the Gaelic : account of name olusatrum bus its nan gran large black Latin: olus, a it was supand ater, black. Irish: Ray. Ailistrin Threl.

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    8. Apium from as a pot herb. Manx Alexanders. Latin apis, a bee — bee herb, parsley, celery. Anglo-Saxon: merse, a lake, meirse. FionnasWelsh persli. Pearsal nihbr, the large parsley. Heliosciadium inundatum The fual, water. Carum carui a corruption because it — Marsh Gaelic: fualadar from wort. Scotch carvie : Gaelic : from the generic name , from Caria, was originally found there in carbhaidhr : Asia Minor, — also written carbhinn.

      The badge of the Cumins. Croa hallooin, earth nut. Gaelic lus an t-saoidh, the Fineal, from Latin, fan mm, hay, the smell of the : hayweed. Welsh sweet, fragrant. Ligusticum, from Liguria, where one species — Lovage. Gaelic —growing exposed L. Leivsticum officinale the cajoler s weed. Meum athamanticum muilceann. Irish: — Meu, : dulys, the spignel, dusky plant. Highlanders highly aromatic, with a hot flavour like lovage. In Inverness-shire, bricin or bricin dubh, perhaps from bri, mentioned in Lightfoot, vol. There was a — Ferguson.


      Bricin who He flourished about the year Bricin St. Gaelic: Ins Bus an nam buadha, the lonaid, the umbelliferous somewhat resembles a churn piston.

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      Irish: c uinneog tnhighe, Galluran perhaps from gall Greek gala , the whey bucket. Gleorann, for also cattle. Pierre Gaelic: saimbfur, a cor St. Peter , from Greek ,, 43 The samphire glows on cliffs on Gaelic: an cnamh Ins, the digesting weed; the shore. Welsh: cnoi Irish: cnaoi , chew, Greek: cnamh from digest.

      The herb makes a good salad, and is used medicina 7rtrpa. Irish: ally. From cliffs. Greinhrigin is Connaught, gairgean cregach given by Threlkeld as the in some Manx: places.

      Peucedanum ostruthium — Great Gaelic: masterwort. Gaelic This plant Shaw — sraide a lane, a walk, a P. The whole plant is very aromatic, and is used for medicinal preparations. Irish: cearracan and the carrot. The natives of Harris make use of the seeds of the wild white carrot, instead of hops, for — — — , 44 brewing their beer, and they say answers their purpose it suffi- and gives the drink a good relish besides. It is Gaelic: also given to Chrysan- Manx: different signification.

      Lus y ijhoot, gout weed.

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      Cattle are said to be fond native of Britain or Ireland. A is Martin. Iriafi, It — maye be named in Englishe herbe Sagapene or Fenel gyante. Gunnachan plant the flower. Irish: name for cattle. Michaelmas Day with a pair of fine garters, of divers colours, and they give them likewise Martin. Gaelic: costag, a temulentum, J! Greek r vulgaris, the chervils from for cost, ; Costag a bhaile gheamh- same meaning.