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Thank you again! We had a personnaly designed 9 day cycling tour from Girona , through Calonge to Figueres which was exactly what we wanted. It was nice to stay nights in same place as it allowed to wind down betweeen bike tours. Alan's support was great Thank you so much for your kind review. We are really happy you had a great holiday, and look forward to welcoming you back to Palamos in the future. Thank you! This was a 7 day cycling holiday from ripol to palamos along the via verde. The hotels were excellent especially la rectoria.

Hotel on 1st night was beside a busy road so would ask for a rear facing room. The notes were a bit vague Just finished our 6 night 7 day walking tour - Between the Land and the Sea. This experience far exceeded our expectations.

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We read about Cycle Catalan through Profile JOIN. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Tours , Outdoor Activities , Bike Tours. Girona, Spain.

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About Cycle Catalan. Cycle Catalan offers tailor-made cycling and walking tours in the Girona area of Catalonia. Located only 90 minutes from Barcelona come and explore the countryside and the coastal paths by bike or on foot.

Personally run and managed by Mark and Shelley Abela. Read more. Travelers talk about. Improve This Listing. Tours and Tickets by Cycle Catalan. Tours from Cycle Catalan tend to sell out - travelers recommend booking in advance! Palamos Coastal Day Walk with Lunch. This guided walking tour takes in a stunning section of Camin de Ronda coastal path on the Costa Brava.

The paths were originally created to allow remote villages to connect with each other, but it was also used by local authorities to protect the coastline against the illegal activities of smuggling and the black market in days gone by.

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We will walk around 12km with stops for coffee and a swim, and finish with a fantastic lunch overlooking the bay of Calella de Palafrugell before being transferred back to Palamos by private mini-bus. There will be plenty of opportunity to take photos and admire the beautiful views, scenery, flora and fauna that can be seen along the way. Reviews Write a review. Filter reviews. The ban initially covered all anise-flavoured drinks, but with the public still hankering for that liquorice taste, bars started to offer house-blended anise aperitifs.

In the government in France loosened the regulations to make anise spirits legal while retaining the ban on absinthe defined as spirit containing the allegedly hallucinatory wormwood. This allowed absinthe producers such as Pernod Fils to return to the market with substitute products. Rebranded simply as Pernod, the bottle remained virtually unchanged but the wormwood disappeared, the alcohol was mellowed from 68 per cent to 40 per cent, and the formulation was pre-sweetened to eliminate the nowsuspect absinthe ritual. Pastis is just another branch in an ancient Mediterranean drink family.

Anise spirits and liqueurs are as old as distillation, and most Mediterranean countries have their own variants.

Thanks to the Spanish, anise liquors are even found in Latin America. In Peru, Colombia and Ecuador you will see as many people drinking aniseflavoured aguadiente as you will pisco or rum. Pastis is distinct though in its herbal complexity, with other drinks in the family being far more focused on anise. The haze is an emulsion of plant oils called terpenes, primarily anethole — a fragrant component found in essential oils from aniseed, star anise, fennel and liquorice.

Anethole is soluble in ethanol but not water, with solubility occurring above approximately 30 per cent abv. Thus when pastis is diluted below 30 per cent abv the anethole separates into an emulsion containing thousands of tiny oil droplets that scatter the light and turn the liquid opaque.

Pastis purists insist on chilled water only, or at least delay adding ice until after the water. The rationale is that ice can crystallize the anethole. This may sound extreme, but pour pastis directly over ice, or add lots of ice, and you should find an ugly scum appears on the surface. The taste is not really affected but presentation is important. As a side-note, when Lebanese serve raki they supply each guest with multiple clean glasses. This is done to avoid any build up of oily residue by making a fresh glass available for each pour.

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In France pastis is so ubiquitous there are even non-alcoholic versions. It involves well-pondered perception of situations, level-headedness, awareness, integrity, and right action. More specifically, a National Geographic anthropologist defined seny as "a kind of refined good sense and self-realization. Seny as a particular characteristic of Catalan society is based on a set of ancestral local customs stemming from the scale of values and social norms of traditional Catalan rural society.

The values of seny were transmitted from generation to g. It is the flag of the Catalan people and one of the national symbols of Catalonia. It comes from the emblem of the lineage of the counts of Barcelona, "National symbols of Catalonia - The flag. From the time of James I he was known as a "royal flag" or "royal sign". Desclot and Muntaner late 13th and early 14th centuries referred to as a "sign of the kings of Aragon" and a few decades later, the "flag of Catalonia" began to be used.

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With the arrival of t. The image is one of the Black Madonnas of Europe, hence its familiar Catalan name, La Moreneta "the little dark-skinned one" or "the little dark one". Believed by some to have been carved in Jerusalem in the early days of the Church, it is more likely a Romanesque sculpture in wood from the late 12th century.

On his death in , his son, Wilfred Borrell, inherited these Catalan counties.

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He was responsible for the repopulation of the long-depopulated no-man's land around Vic the county of Ausona, a frontier between Christian and Muslim , the re-establishment of the bishopric of Vic and the foundation of the Monastery of Santa Maria de Ripoll, where he is buried. A series of actions have been planned, focused on two main areas: local, to attract families and amateur sportspeople, and internati…. The "Girona Walks" tour gives visitors an insight into the city's history and legends, taking them on a journey back in time. Girona, one of Europe's ten best city-break destinations, according to The Guardian.

The prestigious British newspaper has published an article that recommends visiting the city's modernist architecture, Jewi…. Girona Turisme launches online campaign to promote the city as a tourist destination for Easter. Girona City Council has organised an online prize draw open to everyone who watches promotional videos of t…. Girona Fashion Week has become established as the showcase for Girona's textile and fashion sector.

Hotel Ciutat de Girona has been chosen as one of the five most romantic hotels in Spain. This pioneering alliance in Catalonia has been formed to work together to become a focal point for business tourism.

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Girona is one of the best destinations for , according to more than travel bloggers. The travel blog Wanderlust Circle considers Girona to be one of the most recommendable cities to visit in In , the number of visits to the Girona Turisme website rose by Night-time guided tours of the Cathedral, accessible routes around the historic centre and the Ribes del Ter park, children's shows and concerts in the street…. Themed visits to the cathedral and a cinema ticket draw are the main new features of this edition, which has more than 10, offers available for 10 e…. City of Festivals adds a new event dedicated to television series, the Plot Series Fest, to Girona's cultural calendar.

Orienteering circuits are an enjoyable activity for groups and families seeking new leisure options. Girona creates three accessible tourism itineraries and brings out a guidebook on adapted museums, accommodation, and places of interest in the city. This year marks the 31st edition of Lleuresport, which is filled with new and exciting options.

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Girona's ice-skating rink has become one of the top Christmas attractions both in the city and the whole province. Enjoy a fun-packed Christmas! More than activities to liven up this year's festive season in Girona. Girona is hosting events for all ages and to suit all tastes, with the city's different distric…. Proposals for floral displays for the edition, to be held from 7 to 15 May, can be presented until 31 Dece….

The Great Christmas Circus returns to Girona this winter with some of the most amazing large-scale magic tricks on the international scene. On 27 October, a group of six French journalists visited Girona in order to discover the city's tourist attractions and facilities at first hand and soak…. Girona has its own IgersMap, the first map in the world created by and for instagrammers. With the launch of its own IgersMap, Girona has become one of the first six cities in Spain to offer a map of the mo….